This course is an introduction to learning about society and the social world around us. It helps one understand and examine one’s personality via others in the way that highlights better ways to communicate, connect and socialize.  The Human and Social Sciences analyse human nature through the other and through surroundings. It interprets how human actions are manifested in society, how thinking is interpreted through behaviour, and how can society, family, friends and other societal categories as external factors along with one’s genes and nature shape them as human beings.  The HSS course helps us relate to other cultures and civilizations and define ours in the process, it leads us to experience how our individuality and social well being is the result of our good conduct, it helps us observe the world around as social observers and analysts when we are ourselves being observed and analysed. The HSS is an open window to the wide world as it teaches us our past to live a balanced present and plan for a better future.  It is a science which  shows everyone of us how to act and react as an individual. Better, as a Social animal by nature.