This course stands as the student's first experience to literature. It exposes learners to read selected masterpieces from world literature. It helps them interpret texts when examining and extracting the different morals and relating them to one's own life, every day experience and relations ships especially when learners resonate with and metamorphose from being readers into becoming critics when observing and analysing different themes and different literary aspects on the one hand as well as introject themselves, their thoughts and psyches into the characters' to match the artist's ideas and intentions on the other. In examining different genres similar to short stories, poems, plays and other narrative sub-genres, the course highlights the human feeling and the human experience which are rooted in every theme and every story the learner delve into. It is not just to read a text but learn how to read systematically, passionately and believe that any work of art does not only tell a story but also it changes us and   teaches us how to live and think better.

This course introduces students to the study of literary texts. In this course, students will read diverse and representative texts in prose fiction, poetry and drama. Students will be introduced to basic literary concepts and terms through concentrating on the meaning, form and socio-historical context of the literary text. As a result, Students will learn how to read, understand and interpret a literary text. Reading, written commentary and class oral discussion of the texts will ultimately promote better language proficiency in English.