This course will help you improve your competence in the skills of English for college or university study. Listening skills include: predicting what comes next understanding spoken spellings and definitions following instructions identifying names identifying important words Speaking skills include: asking about meaning and pronunciation checking sounds in a dictionary giving personal information expressing likes and dislikes requesting, accepting and rejecting help Reading skills include: predicting content from illustrations, subheadings and topic sentences word attack skills, locating information, transferring information. Writing skills include: ordering information, referring, describing habits and routines, location and places, and preparing individual and group presentations for more fluent use of English.

Semester two

This course is a new experience to the learners of English to use and learn the language. It is a way to explore and discover the different patterns of the language via listening and speaking. The aim of this course is to enable learners to challenge their weaknesses and fears when speaking in public. it is a way to articulate and share ones ideas and thoughts in a healthy atmosphere that is based on peer correction, self- assessment and tutor monitoring to maintain and suggest better methods to help any learner listen and speak well. As far as peer assessment is concerned, this course intensifies the importance of the non-linguistic features as well that manifests in showing the extent to which learners are motivated, engaged and willing to improve especially when remarks are given and suggested not to hinder but to enhance and better this skill.

At the end of the course, students should at least have reached the C1 level in listening skills and the B2+ level in oral skills. With the aim of facilitating the listening comprehension and spontaneous oral expression about different topics , students should be able to master the language functions and the grammatical structures.

The student is encouraged to gradually improve his/her listening comprehension skills with videos and audiotapes (monologues, dialogues, formal and familiar registers, different accents, specialised contexts such as education, business, economics, politics, ). The course aims to improve oral production skills (pronunciation, accentuation, intonation, specialised expressions, ) with various oral exercises.